Bring the Spa Home with You

spa bathroom designOne of the most indulgent things a person can do to pamper themselves is go to the spa. Between the soothing massage, calming facial and tranquil music, there is nothing more relaxing. The best part is that you can create your own private spa-like oasis in your home without too much stress. So chill the cucumber water and prepare to experience the bliss of a DIY spa bathroom.

DIY Spa BathroomBring the Outdoors In
Spas love to incorporate natural materials into their designs and you can, too. Install a cedar or natural wood wall that will bring in the warmth from outdoors. The simplicity of the materials and layout gives a calming sense and the clean lines and subtle pine or cedar scents will transform your hectic morning routine into a zen-like experience. Look for opportunities to incorporate bamboo in your bathroom with a bamboo bath mat or tie rolled towels and washcloths with jute twine.

Moody Blues
The palette on your bathroom walls might have a bigger impact that originally anticipated. Blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate, which is why it is considered calming, relaxing and serene. Look into painting bathroom walls serene, water colors such as sea green, soft blue or light turquoise to complete the relaxing feel. Complement the spa bathroom design’s soft ocean wall color with chocolate and neutral-colored accessories and bath linens.

DIY Spa BathroomHydrotherapy
To achieve the ultimate oasis, update your faucets and hardware to more modern pieces that are environmental friendly while still producing efficient water pressure. Waterfall sink faucets are visually interesting, provide the spa-like experience and come in a range of prices. Also, consider upgrading your shower hardware to a rain shower, hand-held sprayer or multiple shower heads for a shower experience similar to a massage.


DIY Spa BathroomLiving Luxuriously
For Homeowners that prefer investing in the full spa experience, a warming drawer for bath linens is a wonderful investment. You can install a warming drawer into built-in cabinetry beside the shower to keep towels toasty and ready for use. And, if you really want to keep things toasty, a personal steam room will bring the spa experience to your home. A home contractor can design and build the room which helps to soothe aching muscles and the demands of life outside of your personal spa.

Incorporating soothing spa elements into your personal bathroom will make it one of the most relaxing rooms in your home. Enjoy your new oasis with a long bath and glass of cucumber water.

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