A Treat Bag That’s no Trick

DIY Trick or Treat bagsTrick or treat… smell my feet… ewww! No, just give me something good to eat! Need a unique way to bring home the goods? We’ve got ideas for easy DIY Halloween treat bags you can whip up at home that are sure to delight your visiting ghosts and gobblins.

DIY Trick or Treat bagsTis Better to Give Rather than to Receive
Yours will be the home every trick-or-treater will seek out when they see that you’re handing out these oh-so-cute treat bags. For this project you’ll need:

  • Brown paper bags

  • Colored dot stickers

  • Patterned paper

  • Pinking shears

  • Cat template

  • Craft glue

  • Black glitter

  • Candy

  • Black tulle

  • B, O and exclamation point stamps

Use these instructions to mix and match each side of your bag.

Bag one… The Minimalist: Stamp the word “Boo” with an exclamation point. Cut the top of the bag in a jagged pattern to resemble flames.

Bag two… The Prep: Using pinking shears, cut strips of patterned paper to create an interesting edge.

Bag three… Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty: Trace cat template, fill in outline with glue, cover with glitter. Cut a sliver of orange paper to serve as a collar. Allow this to dry and try something else on the other side.

Bag four… Dotty: Decorate one side of your bag with stickers or designs. Fill the bag with your favorite treat. Seal with either colorful stickers or a ribbon of tulle. And Boo! You’ve got a bag even a ghost would want.

DIY Trick or Treat bagsCome Fly with Me
What’s Halloween without something witchy? These cute bags will fly out of your house faster than the Wicked Witch of the East can melt. For these DIY Trick or Treat bags you’ll need:

  • Brown paper bags

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon

  • Small branches

  • Craft tags

  • Candy

Using two bags for each broomstick, unfold one bag and push out its base folding in the left and right sides.

Use scissors to cut the bag into thin strips down to the base of the fold. On the second bag, cut thin strips into the top couple of inches.

Open both bags and place the second bag’s base on top of the shredded bag’s base.

Slip in the treat and insert a small branch into the bag. Bring the tops of both bags together and tie with a ribbon. Add a craft tag and you’re cleared for take-off!

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