Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season

Holiday Hostess GiftsThe holidays are right around the corner which means holiday parties are even closer! So while you’re humming those old, familiar tunes and donning your gay apparel, consider mixing up the traditional holiday hostess gift and surprise them with an unexpected treat that isn’t from the vineyard.

Holiday Hostess GiftsOh, the Fire is so Delightful
Candles provide so much more than warmth and they’re universally loved. Stock up on unique, delicious scents so you can grab one when you’re heading out the door to the next holiday gathering. The hosts of your next shindig will really dig the latest wax offerings which come in a variety of fragrances, colors and prizes from within. Get some inspiration from nimble Jack and the old nursery rhymes and pick up a self-contained candlestick and holder or look into a cleaner-burning, longer-lasting soy whose container becomes a rocks glass when the wick has ended. If you want to hint at a blaze without being overt, you can always pick up the ever-so-trendy old timey matches that come in a glass apothecary-style bottle with the strike on the exterior label. The matches are not only functional for lighting fireplaces and grills but they are fun and funky enough for your hostess to keep on display long after the fire burns out.

Holiday Hostess GiftsGo, Go Gadget
Any good host or hostess knows that the kitchen is often the heart of the party, and where they spend the most prep time. Ease their time preparing for the next get-together by gifting a smart and useful kitchen gadget. There are endless ideas for simplifying kitchen duties but some of the favorites are from the more unique set like a tea towel with measurement conversions on it or a stylish guest towel that hosts would never splurge on themselves. For a homemade touch, wrap a cookbook in a dish towel and secure with twine and some personalized, wood-burned utensils. Or, give your hostess an all-natural jar of cutting board oil that everyone seems to forget when purchasing the knives and board set.

Get Caught with a Cookie Jar
If you have a bit more time to prepare, go the gift-in-a-jar route by helping your hostess with everything they will need for recovering from an entertaining evening. Hostesses with children will love an inexpensive, oversized jar with pre-portioned dry cookie-making ingredients, along with some cookie icing packets, an assortment of sprinkles and cookie cutters!

Holiday Hostess GiftsIf you want to get something special for the host in your party world, fill a king-size jar with all of the guy essentials like beef jerky, queso, a candy bar or two and some adult beverages – complete with a koozie. And perhaps some antacid tablets, too.

For the delicate hostess, surprise her with a mani-pedi in a jar. You can add some cotton balls to the bottom, nail polish remover, hand cream, foot cream, nail files, nail polish and a buffer to show them how much you appreciate being a guest. And the best part is that the jar can live on as a container for laundry detergent, flour, sugar or a vase after its original gifting purpose!

With a wide range of holiday party hostess gift ideas, you can choose from unique and personalized presents to spoil the hostess and avoid the well-worn vineyard routine. With such a thoughtful offering, you are guaranteed to be invited back to the next shindig!

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