Resolutions That Hit Home

new years resolutions for homeWhen the calendar turns and the New Year has arrived, you may be in full swing with resolutions of healthier choices, increased production and best intentions. But what about your home? Don’t leave it out in the cold this year. Give in to some new year’s resolutions for home, too.

new years resolutions for homeCut the Clutter
It’s the perfect time to resist the temptation to put everything back in its place. You moved knick knacks from the bookshelf to make room for Santa and his sleigh, now try keeping a little space in your space. If you have a shopping hangover after all the gifts you purchased over the holidays and are steering clear of the stores, tackle one room a month and begin purging the things you don’t really enjoy or use. Then, when you do head back for retail therapy, make a trade. For every few bags you bring into your home, fill one for the donation bin and get it out of your house.

Give Your Exterior a Facial
The fall can be brutal on your gutters. Take time to clean them out or install a guard to keep the leaves and debris from building up in the first place, and tighten up any loose hanging pieces that sag. While your shutters may not look like the ones hanging on The Addams Family home, be sure to straighten and paint any shutters that need attention. While you’ve got the paint brush out, give your front door a fresh coat of paint or stain. Don’t forget the driveway. A simple power wash can help remove oil stains our vehicles leave behind.

new years resolutions for homeGet in the Safe Zone
Resolve to make your home safe with one word: Detectors. If you don’t have them, get them. Along with smoke detectors, it’s a great idea to install a carbon monoxide detector. Any appliance in your home that burns fuel creates the deadly gas so a carbon monoxide detector can ensure it’s not leaking into your home. Take this time to also change the batteries in your smoke detector. Are you current on your home alarm system? Many cities and counties require a paid permit to cover first responder calls if your alarm sounds. If you’re not registered, the fine for answering the call is likely more expensive than the cost of the permit.

new years resolutions for homeGet Ahead on Your Payment
Did you receive a bonus or have just saved money the old fashioned way? Before you book your vacation or splurge on after Christmas sales, put that extra cash toward your mortgage. You can reduce the term of your loan considerably and save thousands of dollars by making bi-weekly mortgage payments. Don’t have the cash on hand all at once? Try increasing your payment 1/12 each month and by the end of the year, you will have made an extra payment. That could reduce a 30-year mortgage loan to approximately 22 years.

With these simple tips, at the end of the year, you will have lost a few pounds, corrected a few bad habits and your home will be in the best shape it’s been in for quite a while. Happy New Year! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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