Shut the Barn Door

Sliding Interior Barn DoorsBarn doors are definitely catching the eye of many Homeowners because they add an unexpected focal point and offer a variety of styles to suit any decor. Whether you’re interested in saving space or just love the aesthetic value they add, here are a few ideas for you to consider if you’re thinking about adding this unique rolling door system to your home.

Design Solutions
While many people think about incorporating sliding interior barn doors in their bedroom or Owner’s bath, there are even more ways to utilize this stylish option in other rooms of your home. Consider using barn doors in front of bunk beds to create a cozy and private nook. Or, if the room is a multifunctional space, you can use these sliding doors to break up the area by creating multiple uses within one large space. These types of doors are also a great option when used in the basement or as a dramatic entry to a spacious Outdoor Living Area.

Sliding Interior Barn DoorsOut of Sight
Barn doors are also a fashionable solution when you want a way to temporarily keep items out of view. For example, this is an ideal way to hide everything from a book collection, TV, wine collection or coffee station. And, if your home has an open-concept living area, but you lack a full-fledged pantry, use this as an opportunity to tap into the charm of the barn door by adding them on the kitchen cabinets to create your own smaller pantry area.

Sliding Interior Barn DoorsSlide into Style
Now that you have a few suggestions about featuring barn doors into your home design, it’s time to consider how to add a specific look to your décor – whether it’s modern and rustic or chic and sophisticated. Not only are barn doors a beautiful alternative to a traditional hinged-room closure, but the hardware and track you select also add a distinct design statement, too. In a child’s room or Game Room, you can create a fun art station by utilizing a chalkboard finish on the doors. In your bedroom, the closet can become a stunning and elegant focal point with mirrored doors. Another suggestion is an etched glass panel door in the kitchen or the dining room, which will instantly add a sleek and contemporary look.

There are a myriad of beautiful and stylish possibilities with interior barn door designs, but be sure to do the research to see if it is the right solution for your space so that you create a stylish and functional focal point that you can enjoy for years to come! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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