Bee Gone – How to Keep Bees Away from Your Home

how to keep bees awaySpring is in the air. Unfortunately, so are bees. With the world in bloom, it can be hard to tell bees to buzz off. While there are a number of unharmful ways to go about keeping bees away from your home, here are a few that we recommend as a place to start.

Simple Décor
Spring is full of bright colors, but you may want to consider having yard and outdoor décor that is a little more muted to keep away bees. As pollinators, they are attracted to bright colors and floral patterns, so avoid using them near windows and doors or wearing them while you’re in the yard.

how to keep bees awayBait-and-switch
A simple solution as to how to keep bees away from your home is to give them somewhere else to go. Put flat soda or sugar water into a small bowl and set it away from your home. This will attract them to it instead of where they are more invasive – and away from you. If you’re planning to have an afternoon outside, prepare the bowl about 20 minutes prior to your activity, giving bees plenty of time to find your trap and stay there!

how to keep bees awayA Master of Disguise
Unlike mosquitoes, bees aren’t attracted to people – as unbelievable as that seems when you’re being chased. Instead, they’re interested in sweet-smelling perfumes and food, so disguise what they think they smell by using items that dissuade them. If you’re outside, wear scentless deodorants. Put plants whose smell bees don’t like, such as magnolias and mint, around your home in pots or in a garden. Cloves, cucumber and cinnamon also ward them away, so have them near your windows and doors to keep bees from getting too close or inside your home. If you’d like to enjoy a day out, you can also tuck a dryer sheet into one of your pockets or put them under your picnic blanket, as it will help repel insects away from you.

Of course, if you have a lot of bee problems, calling a professional to come help is always a good idea. They can help get rid of insects in a way that’s both safe to you, your home and the bees. Subscribe to our Blog via email

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