Practical Picnic Packing Tips

Practical Picnic Packing TipsAside from picking a picnic location and having someone to share it with, there’s not much else needed to dine in the great outdoors. Whether you’re dining at a park or in your backyard, what to bring on a picnic outing and what to pack for a picnic meal is up to you, but there are a few things that should always be considered for a day out.

picnic packing tipsStorage
Wherever your family picnic ideas lead you, make sure that you have enough storage for your food and your blanket. Bring a tote bag or a backpack that holds everything to carry it conveniently. Get creative – present your food in cleverly-packaged ways. Place salads in plastic cups with a lid and stick the handle of a fork out through the hole normally used for a straw, that way, you can have everything you need for a salad that is ready to serve on the go.

picnic packing tipsSafety
Take care of yourself and your skin. Spring is in full swing – the sun is shining, insects are flying and plants are pollenating. No one wants to go home with a sunburn or a mosquito bite, so be sure to bring plenty of sunblock, bug spray and allergy remedies. If you have children, a travel first aid kit might be useful to have on hand as well. Don’t let the little things take away from your jovial moments, be prepared to protect.

Favorites to Share
It’s time to pack the food. Along with plenty of water and utensils, pick out your favorite thing to eat. If you’re making sandwiches, consider making them at your picnic area so that the bread doesn’t get soggy on the way there. If you want something sweet, cookies are easily portable. Ice packs can keep everything cold and, similarly, wrapping things in foil can help keep in the heat.

So go ahead and enjoy the sunshine and those you love with these family picnic ideas. Don’t forget a camera to make sure that you capture all the memories of the day. We hope you have fun and eat up! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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