Spring into These Garden Tool Storage Tips!

garden tool storageA garden is a great, natural decoration for any home. It’s an expression of yourself set against vibrant, blooming flowers, or subtle, elegant hues. With such beauty, it’s important to have effective and efficient garden tool storage so that you can keep away the clutter.

However, some garden tool storage ideas can be pricey, so consider some tips that will help clean up your yard, without digging a hole in your budget.

garden tool storagePV-see This?
Larger tools, such as shovels, rakes and brooms, are awkward to store – you never know when they’re going to stay upright, slowly slide down to the ground or just completely fall over. Cut small pieces of a PVC pipe and screw them to an outdoor wall or the side of a shed for a quick and easy yard tool storage hack. Keep everything organized and upright, as well as out of the way, so that you can easily grab-and-go whenever you need them, while still keeping everything clean and clear.

Creative Recycling
Anything can be reinvented with a dash of creativity. Take an old coat hook, for example, and fasten it to a storage wall. Using plastic chain links or a rope with slipknots inserted over the top and bottom of the coat hook, you now have a place to store wrapped up hoses or extension cords that are taking up space. If you need a place to put smaller items, such as a spade or scissors, screw an old steel rake to a wall and use the prongs to hang your trusty tools.

First Class Storage
If you’d like an option for garden tool organization that blends in with the rest of your yard, hide it in plain sight. Take a mailbox and decorate it however you want. Inside, keep your hand tools and gloves. To keep them all in order, place Velcro strips onto the interior of the mailbox and part of your tools. Whenever you’re ready to put them away, just place them where they need to go, and let your DIY storage take care of the rest.

We hope these seeds of information can help you grow a more organized tool area. Happy planting!

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