Beat the Heat with Summer Décor

summer decorationsEndless days and starry nights – it’s time to bust out your summer home décor! With bold colors, flavors and ongoing fun, summer is a time for family and making memories. Breathe life into your home and let the sun shine with these summer 2017 decor trends.

summer decorationsRefreshing Citrus Colors
Does the idea of bold color schemes make you nervous? This summer has the ideal design alternative! Neutral colors are reigning supreme and can be broken up by pops of color that bring out the natural beauty of a home and furnishings. Lime green and other citrus colors are making a comeback, so light up your room and draw attention with pillows, blankets and large rugs to let the summer times flow. Leave your worries about having to completely redo a room or growing tired of seeing bold hues everywhere. Just sit back, relax and usher in the season.

summer decorationsAll that Brass
While metallic colors are still popular, copper and brass will be the metals of choice for summer. Sailing from its origins in maritime design, this trend navigates an ocean breeze into your home while imitating the golden warmth of the sun in more muted hues. This sea-faring, summer design is simple to jump on board with by swapping out furniture knobs or adding accents to existing designs with copper and brass knickknacks, lamps, frames or mirrors. For an added bonus, these tones mix and match well with everything, so even as the season changes, you won’t have to switch your decorations out.

summer decorationsArtisan Adventure
Gone are the days of DIY decorations and how-tos. This year’s summer decorations revolve around the artisan and unique. Celebrate your personality with antiques and handcrafted items around your home. Keep it simple by using hand-blown glass fixtures as accents or small, abstract statues as center pieces to add character to a room. Or, alternatively, go big and make a statement with a large, distinctive wall clock or one-of-a-kind piece of furniture created just for you! Summer is about being free, so don’t be afraid to show off your wild side.

Once you’ve brought a splash of whimsy and joy into your home with these summer decorating ideas, don’t forget to go out and soak up the sun. Have fun! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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