Pet-eriffic Ways to Keep Pets Out of the Garden

keep pets out of the gardenGardens and pets are rarely a productive mix. While we all could use help digging places for our plants, we also want them to stay rooted there. Dogs and cats don’t understand boundaries and telling them to stay out of certain parts of the yard can feel like you’re chasing your own tail. So, here are a few paw-some tips to keep pets out of garden flowerbeds!

That Makes Scents
Animals have a heightened sense of smell compared to people, and some things that we find heavenly, they find overwhelming. Ward away your pups and kittens by planting more fragrant things, such as rosemary and sage. Another option is to sprinkle coffee beans and citrus peels near the edges of the garden bed, as their smell is a pet repellant.

keep pets out of the gardenIt’s No Mis-stake
Pets can’t be blamed for wanting a good place to lay down for a good, cozy nap. But a simple solution for how to keep dogs out of garden beds is to place stakes at intervals where you don’t want them to be. This addition doesn’t need to be noticeable – make the stakes just long enough for them to be awkward to lay on, but not seen over your plants. Similarly with cats, put chicken wire under a thin layer of soil, cutting holes to grow your garden through. This will make the ground uncomfortable for paws to walk on and will force your felines to find another place for their catnap.

keep pets out of the gardenBarking Up the Right Tree
If your flowers are already in bloom and you need a quick fix right meow, collect pinecones and put them at the base of your plants, covering as much of your flowerbed as possible. Not only does this decorative tip add natural beauty, it also keeps animals from stepping on your plants or finding a place to rest. So enjoy your next walk or hike while collecting fallen pinecones – your garden will thank you later!

Gardening with dogs and cats is a trial and error process, but these tips will help keep your pets’ paws off your plants. And, don’t forget to spend plenty of time playing with your furry family members outdoors, so everyone can have a wonder-fur day! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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