Freedom, Fireworks and Independence Day Decorations

fourth of july decorationsBurst into Independence Day with dazzling Fourth of July decorations! Light up your home with patriotic colors and designs to make your home of the brave ready for a star-spangled celebration!

Fireless Fireworks
Show off your spark without making sparks. Whether you live in a location that doesn’t allow firecrackers or you have children that are too young to be near fireworks or are scared of the loud noises they make, bring the Fourth of July into your home decoration without the need for flames. Bundle star-shaped lights into mason jars or lanterns and let them sparkle and light up your room. Or, for a burst of color once the lights go out, cut open red and blue glowsticks, swirl around the solution into a clear jar and hang them up for an iridescent flair.

fourth of july decorations

Popping Colors
When deciding how to decorate for Fourth of July, it is key to have an idea of what you want to do with your color scheme. While you can’t go wrong with red, white and blue, break up those three colors with silver, gold or muted tones, such as beige and off-white, to make their vibrancy burst. For example, wrap a small American flag around part of a wooden wreath for the front of your door or add American flag blankets and pillows to neutral-colored furniture for a patriotic pop of color that is not only cost-effective, but simple, too.


fourth of july decorationsEdible Explosions
United we bake. For a sweet way to say happy birthday to America, create decorations and edible centerpieces reminiscent on the grand old stars and stripes! Whatever tickles your tummy, spice it up this Independence Day with starry sprinkles and the tri-colors of America. Make firecracker cupcakes by cutting red, white and blue Twizzlers into bite-size pieces, placing them in the center of the treat and securing the candy with a firework toothpick so that it stands upright on the cupcake. Or, bust out the food coloring and dip fruit and pretzels in dyed, melted white chocolate for a snack everyone will love.

With these Fourth of July decorating ideas, your home is sure to sparkle and awe! And remember – America is big and bold, so don’t be afraid to have fun and go wild with your designs. Happy Independence Day!
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