Sizzling Tips for Summer Grilling

grilling tipsFire up the grill, grab your apron and prepare for endless summer cookouts! While there are many things to keep in mind while readying for a barbecue, some of the best grilling tips are simple to remember and even easier to sink your teeth into.

clean grillWarm Up and Scrub Down
Before you start cooking up a storm, make sure everything is nice and clean. A dirty grill can not only add a bad taste to your meat, but can also cause it to burn and stick to the grates when it comes time to flip it over. Once your barbecue and utensils are spick-and-span, allot some time for both your meat and grill to warm up. This will help shorten the cooking time and make sure that all the mouthwatering flavors are on display when you take the first bite.

grillingMeat Me at the Grill
Now that the fire is hot and the grill is ready, it’s time to get cooking with a few meaty grilling tips. While it’s tempting to flip, move or cut into your food often to see how well it’s cooking, this can cause it to dry out and lose its natural flavor and juiciness. Only turn your tasty treats over once or twice, letting them sit on the barbecue and cook slowly. An exception to this is steak, which should be flipped frequently, but not cut into often. Finally, take your food off early. It will continue to cook after it’s off the grill and it’s better to have to warm food up for a minute more than for it be overdone and tough.

grilling tipsJust Stick It
If you’re short on time or aren’t a master grill-smith, cutting meat into smaller pieces and skewering it onto kabob sticks is a quick barbecue hack to make your dishes professional-grade in a hurry. Using multiple skewers, rather than one, keeps the meat and vegetables sitting flat on the grill, allowing them to cook evenly. This is especially helpful with shrimp, which can be top-heavy and tend to lean on its weightier side. Keep your vegetables and meats on separate sticks, as they cook at different rates. When put together, one will burn while the other still needs time to get the ideal amount of roasting.

These summer grilling tips will make sure your cookouts are sizzling hot! Go on – take a bite for us. Happy cooking! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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