Burst Into Summer Living Room Style

summer living room decor The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing – it’s time for a summer living room transformation! Unlike spring, which boasts vibrant colors and patterns, summer decoration revolves around bringing light and warmth into your home. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

side3Let it Grow
Root your living room in a natural beauty by inviting the outside in. Potted or hanging, refresh your home with beautiful, lush plants in healthy green hues and pastel colors. If you have a small living room, or simply don’t want your floral to take up precious floor space in your home, grab a bit of wooden latticework and either hang it on or lean it securely against a wall. Adhere small pots to as many crisscrossed sections as you prefer and fill them with leafy plants to create a feature wall that is a breath of fresh air in your summer décor. Be sure that you use lightweight plants like small cacti and leafy greens, so that the latticework doesn’t tip over.

summer living room decor Keep it Chic
For a more muted décor choice, keep your decorations minimal, opening it up and inviting people to join you to smile away the days. Let in natural light without having it be too intense by getting drapes that are billowing and light. This way, the light will warm your room, without causing any eyes to squint against the sunshine. This is an especially convenient and complimenting design choice for homes with cozier living rooms, making them feel much larger and more spacious by cutting down the clutter. Add pops of color to accent various parts of the room to draw attention and add bursts of color to warm your room further.

summer living room decor Sail into Summer
Ahoy! With its beginnings docked in the nautical lifestyle and Mediterranean design, this summer living room décor option brings the beach to you. Use shades of blue against neutral backgrounds and furniture to make colors wash together like waves on a beach. Splash your living room with accents in brass, such as new picture frames to hold family photos or small center pieces to bring out the sea-faring feeling with wooden furniture, like chairs or a sanded table.

With these summer living room design options, your home will be bright and full of warmth all season long, letting you enjoy golden rays and midsummer nights to the fullest. Happy summer! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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