You’ll Dig These DIY Soil Blockers!

soil blocker

It’s seed sowing time! Grab your gloves and get ready to prepare for beautifully blooming flowers or delectable vegetables. This year, skip the pots and root yourself in the latest trend in gardening with a DIY soil blocker. Here are a few inexpensive seeds of knowledge to get you started.

Building Blocks for Gardening
Before diving into specifics about how to make soil blocks, it’s worth discussing how this planting vessel option differs from a traditional pot. As the name implies, a soil block is compressed planting mix that doesn’t need a container or walls to keep their shape. Once a seed sprouts, transfer it to a larger soil block or plant in a garden bed comprised of the same soil. This technique takes away the shock a plant undergoes when it’s transplanted, allowing it to grow healthily and quickly adapt to its new environment.

Reinventing the Ice Tray
To transfer seeds via mini-blocks, look no further than your freezer to create a soil blocker. For this option, grab planting mix, an ice tray and plastic beads. Place a bead in each section of the tray, pouring soil over it. Once the bead is covered by dirt, start packing the planting mix as tightly as you can into the tray. Slide it into the freezer for a few hours, removing it when the blocks are solid. Submerge the bottom of the tray in warm water, will make it easier to get the cubes out. Next, set the blocks on a flat surface and allow them to thaw. Remove the bead and replace it with a seed, covering it up with extra soil – and voilà!

An Uncanny Solution
If you need a larger plot, grab a tin can and remove both ends with a can opener. Wash it thoroughly and attach the lid to a slender piece of wood to create a stamp. Add a little bit of water to your planting soil and one-half to three-quarters of the can with soil. With one end placed on a flat surface, use the stamp to firmly press the soil into a block. Slowly slide the can up the stamp’s handle to release the block. Use your finger to make an indent for the seed. Set them aside to dry and solidify.

With your seeds ready to grow, all that’s left is to lightly mist them each day to nurture your sprout until it’s time to plant it and let it flourish. Happy gardening! Subscribe to our Blog via email

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