Fall in Love with These Autumn Crafts

autumn craftsLeaves are in the air, autumn’s everywhere! Celebrate the season by decorating your home with beauti-fall family crafts. Whether you’re drawing a turkey or creating dry leaf art, here are a few tips to get you started.

jackolatnternSpook-tacular Pumpkins
For Halloween flair, dress your home up with some gourd-gous spooky pumpkin ideas! To carve a pumpkin, start by drawing a circle around the stem and cutting it out at an angle to create a lid. Remove the seeds and pulp, and scrape the inside of the walls with a spoon until they are clean. Using a permanent marker, draw your spooky pattern on the surface of your pumpkin and carefully cut out your design. Finally, insert a regular or colored LED candle and proudly present your artwork to the world.

Alternatively, for young children, try this no-carve option for how to make a spooky pumpkin. Once you have sketched an outline, fill it in with acrylic paint, preferably black and white, as that will show up the best. This technique gives you more freedom when creating your design, without a knife or much clean up. For a boo-tiful decoration that can be displayed for years to come, use a Styrofoam or plastic pumpkin when painting your design.

autumn craftsIm-peck-able Artwork
Flock to this hands-on craft for a fun and simple doodling trick. While there are many options for how to draw a turkey, the classics are fowl-proof. Place your hand onto a piece of paper and outline it. On your thumb, add a little beak for your turkey and embellish it a wavy teardrop shape. In the center of your palm, draw a wing and, at the bottom of your hand, create two legs and feet. With the basic sketch of your turkey complete, color in the remaining tracings of your fingers as the tail-feathers.

Or, paint your hand and thumb brown and your fingers yellow, orange and red. Place it firmly against a flat surface to create the body and tail of the turkey. Add the beak, wing and legs.

autumn craftsAn Unbe-leaf-able Masterpiece
If you’ve ever wondered what to do with dry leaves once they’ve been raked, turn them into beautiful pieces of art to decorate your home! Before busting out the paints and pens, however, make sure to press the leaves overnight to create a flat surface to work on. Once they are prepped, paint the front of your leaves completely white with acrylic paint and let it dry to use watercolor or gel pens to craft your tree-riffic piece. Or, for artwork ideal for framing, place leaves flat against a paintable surface. Carefully spray or sponge paint all around them, making sure they don’t move. When you’re finished, remove the leaves to create a beautiful blank space outlined in pops of color.

Whether you make handprint turkeys, spooky pumpkins or art from dry leaves, your home will be ready for the season with these fun, family-friendly crafts. Happy fall!

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